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Medical Tourism in Israel


Why do more and more patients choose the medical treatment in Israel?


 We live in the 21 century; this is the time when diseases are rapidly spreading around the world. This is the time when thousands of people in order to find good treatment travel around the world, and many of them prefer treatment in Israel and they seek treatment in one of our clinics.


The time we live can be called as an era of the medical tourism. Medical tourism has always existed and even during the Roman Empire, hot springs were popular among patricians. Several thousand years have passed since then. New times require new solutions - if before medical tourism was mostly health-improving and expressed itself in trips to resorts and sanatoria, now we see the merging of two independent sectors: modern medicine and tourism.

Why do patients choose clinics in Israel for treatment?


The main reasons why people choose treatment in Israel, as a rule, are as follows: the possibility of receiving medical care of a higher level than the place of permanent residence; lack of necessary medical services at home; confidentiality; higher quality of care. All this you will find in our medical centers.

Patients from all over the world come to our clinics through medical tourism - for advice and treatment in Israel. Some are interested in the latest diagnostic methods others are looking for competent medical care in especially difficult cases.


Our package of medical tourism includes:


  • Transfer of medical information, preparation of survey and treatment plans;
  • Accounting services, which include the compilation of accounts and detailed calculations;
  • Planning and appointment of consultations and surveys;
  •  Registration of registration and payment for services;
  • Individual support for the time of consultations and procedures transport services transportation to and from the airport, ground medical transport and sanitary aviation.
  • Hotel or accommodation for a long time, including a comfortable hotel on the territory of the clinic.


  Additional services for patients and their families: sanitary aviation of our leading clinics


  • Our international department can provide medical personnel and the necessary equipment to accompany the patient in any condition and deliver it to anywhere in the world with the help of an air ambulance aircraft.
  • When transporting and providing services, we use regular flights and private airplanes, helicopters, air ambulance aircraft, ambulances and intensive care.


Treatment of Children In Israel


In Israel there are several large children's clinics and pediatric departments in large medical centers.

Israel is one of the countries with the most developed system of medical care. The most experienced specialists work in the clinics of Israel and use the most modern equipment.


A special approach to the treatment of children

Children are treated with special attention in Israel; large medical centers are being established, both multidisciplinary and specialized. Painless methods are used to diagnose and treat children, and doctors and nurses are very friendly to small patients, so they do not fear the hospital and procedures.

In addition, the clinics employ highly professional teams of paramedical personnel who are trying their best to help children stay in the hospital.

In addition to doctors, social workers and specially trained hospital clowns are involved with children.


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