Frequently asked questions

    • We're going to St. Petersburg but will only be in port for one day and have small children (4 & 7).

    Our first instinct was to do a half day tour booked through the cruise line simply because it was the easiest thing to book. However, we're worried about the need to manage a group tour with our small children. But our friends recommended us to try your company because you have tours tailored for kids.

    Your best option is a private tour for your family to control the itinerary. We have interesting tours for kids

    • How do I pay for the tour? How do I tip them? I want to use my CC to pay for the tour and tip them in USD. Thanks for your reply.

    You can pay by credit card or local currency or USD or EURO and tip in USD or EURO or local currency. Made sure the money wasn't ripped or crinkled.  When the guide charged the credit card she made sure we each knew how many rubles she was charging it for.

    • What is the weather in Russia and Israel in summer?

    The weather in Russia, St. Petersburg in the summertime is known to be quite chilly and rainy while the weather in Israel is pretty hot. We recommend you to check the forecast before you arrive to be sure what to wear.

    • We are visiting Israel this summer. Do we have a chance to visit Bethlehem?

    Bethlehem is located on the Palestinian National Authority provide you with a local tour guide for that particular tour.

    • We are visiting St Petersburg by the cruise line, do we need Russian Visa?

    As a fully licensed tour operator, we are legally authorized to provide you with a document called a Tour Ticket which acts as your blanket visa for the duration of your stay in St. Petersburg. This document will allow you to enter Russia to take your tour with us.

    • How to cancel a pre-booked tour?

    Prepayments are fully refundable up to 72 hours before your excursion

    Exception: SAPSAN Train tickets to Moscow are not refundable once purchased.


    • We'll be visiting Israel with Celebrity next month - two nights docked at Ashdod and one at Haifa. What's the process for passing through immigration, customs and security before meeting our small-group tour guide?  We'll be coming back to the ship each night.

    The immigration process takes place on your ship just before your arrival. Israeli officials will embark your ship in Europe and along the sea day before your arrival to Ashdod they will call for the "face control interview".  In Israel, you are required to carry your passport with you along all you're staying in Israel. The ship will return to you your passport before the interview and you'll get also a "landing card" which you'll have to carry in your passport. This is actually your visa to Israel. Israel is not stamping passport anymore. At the end of day 3, in Haifa, the ship will collect back your passport. The only process you will have to go through when getting off the ship in both ports will be the security check. It is a short, very efficient process that doesn't take much time. In both ports your guide and transportation will wait for you at the exit of the passenger's terminal. You can get back to the ship whenever you want. While staying overnight in Ashdod you can leave the ship or return even in the middle of the night... However, bear in mind that in Ashdod the terminal is in the port and you can't walk to the exit of the port. Your tour will return you back to the terminal. If you travel plane, you are known to have around ticket, hotel reservation and your passport valid for six months more.

    • Do we need to have insurance?

    Yes, we do recommend you to have insurance with you.

    • What to do if we are late for the ship's departure?

    We have the very professional tour guides and drivers who follow the tour timing, we take our guests back to the ship much before the ship's departure.

    • We need a special diet. Can you provide us with it?

    We can provide you with the diet menu if you ask about the special menu in advance before the tour begins.

    • Do you have the tours for the people with the limited abilities?

    Yes, we have the tours which are focused on the guests with wheelchairs, let us know you need it. We recommend you to have a wheelchair with the white wheels then you can visit the museums' rooms

    • Can we add the places to visit which are interesting for us to your program?

    Yes, we are very flexible, but it all depends on the museums 'working days and hours if there are any special events are held in the city and it is not opposed to the security requirements.

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