A Trip to Moscow

A Trip to Moscow


(Possible for the second day for the cruise to stay in St. Petersburg for three days only)

Begins with the panoramic sightseeing tour of Moscow, which covers the main highlights of the capital of Russia: the Cathedral of Christ the Savior - an impressive sight with a tragic history – blown up by Stalin, and was only recently built anew as a symbol of revival of Russian Orthodoxy; and the Alexander Garden, Manezh square, and enjoy the incredible views of the Kremlin from Sophia embankment and the monument to Peter the Great, The White House. Lunch in the restaurant is included in the cost. The tour is followed by a visit to the Kremlin, known as the heart of the Russian capital which includes an inside visit to the Assumption Cathedral and the Armory Chamber - the world famous museum-treasury occupies the specially constructed building of the middle XIX century. It has the unique collection of ancient state regalia, gold and silver utensils, Tsars apparels and sacerdotal robes, weapons, luxury carriages, and harness.






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